mínt alpha-3.0

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Another minor update to the mínt ui library!


Since the last alpha update, I've been grappling with some underlying issues in the input model. I've also been working on figuring out whether some things need to be thrown out, and what all remains for wrapping up a stable version.

For the most part: there is a lack of flexibility in some of the values and internal sizes, docs and examples, tests and a variety of cleaning up to do.

The start of that cleaning comes in resolving a lot of the bugs, and fixing the above mentioned input issues. I've been doing just that - I've closed a number of outstanding bugs on the repo and sorted out some of the major input bugs.


There are some minor behavioural changes, which may impact your code but likely not. Details are described in the issue linked on each.

  • Default control names now include a unique id. #16
  • Controls with mouse_input as false don't prevent their children from getting events #52. This solves numerous focus issues like the scroll bar handles being hard to grab and so on - the issue has the list of issues it closes.
  • Scroll bar scrolls a fixed amount, defaults to 16 canvas units. This makes scrolling consistent amounts across all platforms, only using the direction of the scroll from the input event. #50


  • Fix input bugs - #52 and related.
  • Dropdown - fixed some unpredictable closing issues


  • Window - added title bar size options #43
    • title_height
    • title_margin_top
    • title_margin_left
    • title_margin_right
  • Scroll - added fixed scroll units options #50
    • units_to_scroll_h
    • units_to_scroll_v
    • in canvas units
    • if canvas scales, set accordingly

known issues

  • The captured control can lose it's capture if another control becomes captured #53

As usual, the demo has the new changes in place for example.

view the updated demo

There's likely to be more updates and improvements soon, and I'm working on updated the documentation to be more useful.

As always, feel free to report any issues you find on the repo.