Emoji Asteroids! (And emoji library for rapid prototyping)

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Sometimes you have a game idea that you want to prototype quickly, and you don't want to spend time creating art for it. Or maybe you just love emoji and want to make a game with them! Either way, I've been hacking together a little library I'm calling EmojiKit that makes working with emoji easy in Luxe. :-)

Emoji Asteroids (a demonstration)

emoji asteroids gif

Using the library, I've created a clone of Asteroids which you can play in your browser! The code is available as one of the example projects included in the library's git repository.

Code example

So what does the code for this library look like? I've tried to keep everything consistent with how drawing in Luxe already works. Here's an example:

  shortname: ":joy:",
  x: 10, y: 10,
  w: 30, h: 30

More documentation is available in the README on github.