LD 34 recap

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Ludumdare 34 happened on December 11th-14th 2015, making this recap delayed but still just as interesting! There are a couple other backlogged devlogs heading out this week so keep an eye out.

Also don't forget this weekend is Global Game Jam if you're looking for another jam to do. http://globalgamejam.org/

As always thanks to everyone that took part using luxe (or snõw) and don't forget that people tend to release source code for their entries – if you're looking for more code to look at – There's also previous recaps and more games here: awesome-snowkit.


Don't forget there is the #luxeengine tag on twitter where people share their work in progress as well as news. You can also find us in the chat, and don't forget to sign up here and post your projects, postmortems and more in the community.

Santa Rush

A cool (literally too!) santa game by Dohxis.

Hungry Spider

Darek Greenly made a fun (and later) challenging climbing game.

Infinite Tower

Another neat infinite climbing one, this is by Eduardo. Further additions are being added it would seem!

Ludum Party!

Built with tusk (on top of snõw), a neat collection of mini games by FuzzyWuzzie.

Eat and run

A really clean infinite eating game by Andrei Rudenko.

Two Trees

A nice game with some AI. The postmortem is also interesting, by Aik.

A life in a year

A neat growing game using IK. It's mesmerizing to watch - for a few days this gif was in my feed and it kept drawing my eye – kept me staring for seconds at a time. By Anders Nissen.

Don't forget that every ludumdare skial makes a good round up of all the Haxe built games - where you can submit your game to be featured in the Haxe Ludumdare Roundup.

That's it for this jam, another excellent selection of games and feedback - thanks again for everyone that jammed! If I missed any please do let us know and we'll get them added.