Announcing Fargerfight Arque, an open-sourced project

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I've teased this a tiny bit over the chatbox yesterday, so here it is now officially.

Fargerfight gameplay

Fargerfight Arque is the sequel to my last year Fargerfight (for Android only). Similarly to its predecessor, this is a competitive local-multiplayer title for smartphones, in which two players combat from two halves of a screen, all using one single touch for each. Melee weapons are succeeded by an abstract long-ranged projectile-based weapon (what it is, is up your imagination).

I started this project with several objectives in mind:

  • I want to bring this modest franchise to Luxe. This started as an enhanced remake, but ended up as a sequel.
  • Trying and learning Nape.
  • Further practicing my coding skill. Especially code organization and readability.
  • Creating a complete and entirely open-sourced project (whose codes are not too vomit-inducing) as a guide to new comers to Luxe.
  • And that's another complete release :D The joy of publishing never gets old.

This has been taking way longer than I'd liked, but I'm glad I have gotten this far.

By the time you are reading this, Fargerfight Arque has most likely been available on both Android and iOS since I clicked on the publish button for both before writing this (alternatively, side-loading from is an option). It's far from perfect, but good enough to be shipped and released.

Without further ado, here are the interesting bits (which should be perfect while queuing for Star Wars :D):

Get this on Android Google Play

Get this on iOS App Store

Repo on GitHub

If you are a developer (which you are most likely), I'd be deeply appreciated if you take a look at my codes and issues and give me a few words of what I should do, or could do better.

Otherwise, simply enjoy it the way it should be. It's a videogame after all :D

Full post-morterm coming late January/early February.