sublime_flow patch notes (updated!)

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Just a quick mention of some changes I've made short term (as we move toward the shared completion backend between atom, sublime and others).

These changes require a newer build of ST3 (higher than 3080, latest stable beta release is fine).


args don't interfere with completion

The argument completion behaves the same (once at ( for now)[a recent commit might have changed this to stay open till it's dismissed by another completion] – it is just displayed differently. This prevents them from interfering with the completion and insertion otherwise.

In more exact terms, a space, or the args or their names won't be inserted anymore.

dark args Light:
light args

view wip image

completion list clean up

The completion list now shows as a prefix:

  • m· for a method
  • p· for a property/member

The other notable change is that the methods/functions display their return type as well.

Sublime can still struggle for now, like if the return type is long it just gets noisy. It's a step towards a better, customized view – but we have to wrestle with what sublime does short term still.

error messages display

Previously error messages would also display as completion, which would be clipped at long lengths and wouldn't be scrollable. Sublime doesn't let us customize any of this stuff, but the newer builds let us at least display a non-clipped view. The errors now display in this new format.

dark errors Light:
light errors

view WIP image


As mentioned previously, we're still working on merging the shared code across atom and sublime (at first) by porting all the parsing, completion logic to Haxe – and then building the plugins themselves in Haxe (since atom runs on JS and sublime on Py) – then we will share parity on the majority of features. You should see the public repos and branches heading upstream in the next few weeks.

In the immediate term, I'll be refining these displays above to use the user theme (if possible, I'm certain I saw somewhere doing this)[fixed see above], to display the completion results in a more configurable and flexible way, and display the doc strings in a consistent way below the completion dialog.

It's a step forward, but we're aware there are some pain points. These fixes should remove two of the major ones (args and error message) while using the plugin for me, and hopefully help keep things fluid for you as well.

This method of displaying things that I found is really nice so far, and might prove exactly what we're after.