LD 33 recap

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Even if you didn't participate during the recent Ludumdare event, you should read “Ludumdare 33”!

There's a new sample, new tilemap features, mint was released, and a lot more! Don't miss the info. And check out the previous community post if you haven't - it's really cool.

Ludumdare 33

Another fun jam behind us and some really good testing during the alpha. It helps a lot - to everyone that took part, thanks!

Like before, don't forget a lot of the games include source code, if you're interested. You can find previous and other code examples here: https://github.com/anissen/awesome-snowkit
And don't miss out on the LD roundup posts, which include a ton of Haxe games as usual.

And - if I missed your tweets or entry please let me know!


You would have seen quite a few of these in progress with the #luxeengine tag on twitter.
Swing by the chat some time and join the community.

Blobby Monster

ImDeity made these cool looking blobs do things!



ziege made a neat stealth game

The monster

mrcdk made a visual novel, works pretty well!


I am not a monster

Eduardo made a weighty feeling shooter



I like the description: “Hugzilla are not really a monster, he is just misunderstood.”
Like the previous 2 LD's, Joel enjoys the unofficial 3D support.


Monster's ball

Anders made this fun peggle-like


EDIT: The entry below was in fact made in löve, not luxe!
Apologies for the error, thanks to anissen for the correction.
(I still think it looks neat though!)

And lastly, tagged as unfinished but really cool anyway: Monere
By WetDesertRock, which has some really nice visuals and colors in it.

Till next time!