Open Source backyard roguelike

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I thought that I might take this gamejam game somewhere in the last few months, but I haven't touched the code since the jam ended. I had a lot of fun learning how to draw maps and make some really basic roguelike systems, but I have other ideas I want to explore for now. I would love to come back to this game someday and expand on it, but for now I want someone else out there starting out with luxe engine (or just gamedev in general) to hopefully learn something.

I have learned so much from other people open sourcing their code, whether they're full games or just simple demos/examples. The best I can do right now is contribute my own code back out there and hope someone learns something from it. I can't put it all out there yet. Hopefully someday I can let it go and just put everything on github. But for now I'm selective and selfish with what I put out publicly. Is that weird? I like the idea of having a nice public github profile that shows off my work. But I hate the idea of someone ripping me off and taking something I am almost finished with and compiling/uploading it somewhere. I can't come to a conclusion about this, so I just manage public repos on github and private ones on bitbucket. Not ideal, but I guess it works for now. What are your thoughts? Tweet me =]

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