Baby Touch Tones has launched!

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Today marks the day I release my first luxe app for iOS, Baby Touch Tones! I have spent a lot of time during this alpha period making small prototypes and toys, testing out this amazing new framework. I tend to do this with any new tool kit I meet, either making small new things, or remaking old projects that I am familiar with in a new way. Baby Touch Tones started as one of these prototypes, originally named 'nathanMusic', since I had my son Nathan in mind when making it. I watch him play with his toys, and notice that he is drawn to buttons that light up. Like, mesmerized by them.

Now, I can't say this app is totally original. I have seen one in particular by Owen Goss @owengoss called Baby's Musical Hands that heavily inspired my design of Baby Touch Tones. I mean, I basically copied it. BUT, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Please don't be mad Owen...

Anyway, I got a chance to learn some new things with this app. I recorded all the sounds myself with Garageband. I designed the button layout to be dynamic based on the size and shape of the screen (blog post coming soon about this technique). And I got a chance to run through the entire beginning to launch process with a brand new development toolkit. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it and what I learned while making it. I decided to try and sell this thing because I see my son being entertained with it, and believe other parents will find the same with their kids. Any parent who has an old iPhone or iPad lying around that they let their kids play with will love this app.

Here are a few free copies just for you fabulous snõwkit blog readers. Please check it out if you have an iPhone or iPad.