[Q] Custom asset access

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Hello there, first time using the Luxe engine, so far I'm really enjoying the features it has to offer. But I have a few questions regarding how assets are handled.

Before when I worked with Haxe on a previous title I has used a custom asset archive and loaded that blob into memory, then pulled the assets from that blob on the fly. My main question is if something similar is possible in Luxe.

A simple situation would be images packed inside an uncompressed zip archive, something that can be easily read using a built-in Haxe library.

The goal really isn't to protect the assets from the end-user, but rather keep the file structure nice and tidy for a commercial product and not have art assets laying out in the open.

An alternative to that would be asset embedding, something that OpenFL is capable of to a certain degree (there are size constraints at some point.)

Is anything above possible, if so, are there any ideas on where to start? I've been reading into the asset handling of Luxe as much as I could, but any ideas would be appreciated!


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