Sublime Plugin updates (new)

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As many have reported, and something I have been investigating, the ( auto complete trigger was quite frustrating at times. I was under the impression part of that behavior was from sublime internals, based on the discussion surrounding the snippet trick to trigger completion that I had found on Stack Overflow.

I was wrong!


The sublime keymap stuff is actually really adept, and after re-reading the official and unofficial docs and after PentaHelix and JustSuds on gitter mentioning it again I decided to have a quick look and it turns out that the fixes were simple and solve the annoyances, at least the ones people (and myself) have had and reported so far.


  • auto_match_enabled is now respected, no additional ) is added if you have this off
  • select text -> press ( is also properly respected, only trigger complete when no selections are present
  • No insertion is made apart from ) when auto match is enabled, to match the default behavior
  • No completion is attempted at if(, switch( and function( or function name(
  • flow status / set project / set target added to side bar, right click a flow file (img#1)
  • build cancel implemented correctly, cancels started builds and closes running builds through ctrl-c as expected in sublime
  • building more than once will kill previous build now, for quick fixes to not launch two copies
  • added error number to build output. You can double click the error line to jump to that file, if you didn't know (img#2)

img#1 img#1 img#2 img#2


To update the plugin, use Package Control :

  • Ctrl/Cmd Shift P
  • Package Control : Upgrade Package
  • select sublime_flow (only this one changed for now)

Sublime may auto update the package at times, but to be sure you have the fixes trigger an update and it will tell you if you're on the latest.


I appreciate all the reports so far, and there are a couple things regarding the completion I would like to add still - feel free to suggest things about the plugin in the discussion below if you have any feedback on top of this.