[SQUARE] : Effect Bonuses

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Hello everyone! I have to bring some good new and here there are : effect bonus system is added to [SQUARE]! At the moment I have only added Slow Motion but more are incoming!

I have to add more bonuses but I have a modular system which helps a lot into adding more effects. Here is a little changelog since the last update :

  • High score works on desktop target now (it saves in a file stored in save/ folder.) I have yet to compress the file with Huffman encryption (given in the Haxe lib ) and support things like read properties from JSON file or something like that
  • I changed some class names (i.e. Bonus to Pickup because they aren't effect bonuses)
  • I fixed again music on web targets. It seems that I can't make any volume change in web targets. So the fade in/out are replaced for a loop/stop. D:
  • A EffectManager stores one instance of each kind of effect and displays the most recent bonus. I have to show multiple progress bar, one for each bonus.
  • Bonuses ! The first one is Slow Motion (timescale /2). At the moment you get them at random with a probability of 1/50. I'd like to change the pickups to have a distinct color when bearing a bonus.
  • Added a little pickup sound. Nothing much really.
  • Tweaked a little the spawn delay, here again nothing much to see.
  • Profiling to see where the most CPU time is spent : collisions. I have to design some sort of QuadTree to speed up collision detection. ( that would be a very helpful addition to luxe)
  • I don't know if I have already posted it but I fixed the preloader and it nows shows the square as planned.
  • I'll search a way to avoid loading directly the game on the project page, because it's beggining to annoy me seriously : I have a 2006 laptop and the script hangs my whole Firefox when loading... :/

Anyway, Here is the link to the project. Have fun playing it! ;) Thanks for reading.