[SQUARE] : Adding bonuses

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Hi everyone, it's time for a [SQUARE] update!

I added bonuses, little orange square that move like the obstacles, triggering your greed-based death earlier than you would think! Currently, the bonuses only gives you 10 points at each square collected. Next time I would like to add bonuses that interact a little more with the game (like slowing down the game).

New screenshot here

That update made me rethink a good part of my gamedev methodology and adpot components. Having already used a little Unity in a previous project, I had already a grasp of how components could be used in a project and thus two components spawned this evening : one for managing the hitbox, used in the three main object classes and one to manage movement/replacement, used by the obstacle / bonus classes. Adding more gamplay elements should be easier from now.

Come on and play it [here]! Have fun!