WIP Project : [SQUARE]

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Hi everyone. I started toying with Snowkit days ago and I fianlly came to do a game with it. Inspired by an old Flash game and wanting to see what it looks like if I were to create that game, I got to a playble demo of the project.


[SQUARE] is a simple "endurance/reflex" game. You are the orange square and you have to avoid the white squares by moving the mouse, the orange square. Bonuses are planned as some other features like :

  • Music, once I get to correct the problems I have with the looping music (the biggest part of the problem are the lack of music playing on the web version and when it works, I can't make a fade-in/fade-out with a tween, it blocks the volume at 0)
  • If that's possible with snowkit, saving high-score.
  • Swapping at desire black/white colors.
  • Credits page
  • Hard Mode? (Make the square follow the mouse and not stick to it?)

Have a play at this page here, I'll keep the game there updated.

Thanks for reading this post! Have a nice play and a nice day!