Question about Loading Audio [resolved]

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I justed started playing around with luxe / snowkit yesterday and so far I'm really excited! I was able to get a pong clone up and running on my desktop, phone, and browser in practically no time.

Now, I'm trying to add sound effects using the Luxe audio object, but I'm having some trouble. I have a wav file in my "assets" folder. This is how I'm loading it:"blip", "pongblip.wav");

And then I try playing it later with this:"blip");

However, I'm getting these errors when I run the program:

Assets.hx:293: i / assets / not found "config.json" Core.hx:140: i / luxe / version 1.0.0-alpha.1+d3de26eab9 Assets.hx:293 i / assets / not found "blip"

Any ideas what's going on? I have a feeling this has something to do with flow, but I haven't really figured out how that tool works yet. I'd appreciate any pointers.