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Hi, I'm totally new to both haxe and snowkit. I'm doing a perofmrance comparison with 2000 random moving 2d sprites on screen.

Here's what I did with luxe by modifing luxemark test:

  1. bump the sprite numbers from to 500 ( so 500*4=2000 sprites)
  2. comment out the rotation code (only benchmark moving sprites like in other engines)

Here's the result:

luxe: 43 fps
urho3d (c++): 970 fps
urho3d (angelscript): 280 fps
unity: 340 fps
godot: 170 fps

From what I understand, luxe is using hxcpp as backend, and according to hxcpp is quite close to the performance of cpp. It might be that there's should be some config option be turn on or off to boost up the performance?