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Below is a list of initiatives created and maintained by the collective.
Since many of the initiatives span multiple repos, only the primary ones are listed below.

You can view the full list here


> linc

linc is collection of libraries for the Haxe c++ target (hxcpp).
linc stands for “Low-level Interfaces Native Collection”, and includes libraries, tools, specifications and resources for Haxe users. Examples are SDL, OpenAL, stb libraries with Haxe externs.

For more information, read the announcement and visit the home page.



> Atom editor support

Atom is a cross platform code editor which features rich user package support. The atom haxe package provides code completion, building and more for using Haxe with Atom.



> differ

An agnostic collision library for Haxe users. Implements Separating Axis Theorem collision overlap queries to use in games and other contexts. Handles rays and convex polygonal collision, with helpers for common shapes (circle, square, triangle etc) and ngons.



> flõw

flow is a project based build tool for Haxe, taking a simple json-like project description and converting it into a usable application. Offers file templating, built in web server and more.

flow home page



> snõw

snow is a light, pure and clean tool for building frameworks, applications and games using Haxe. Targets native platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices as well as WebGL in browser. snow is a low level framework.



> mínt

mint is a minimal, renderer agnostic, game focused UI library. It handles the logical implementation of UI controls from given input, then abstracts layout and rendering to game specific implementation details. This makes it work with numerous haxe frameworks that have a renderer implementation.

alpha release info.


Work in progress

Tools in development that have yet to reached the snowkit metric or usability.


> scrìbe

scribe is a two part documentation generator for the xml documentation files that Haxe outputs. It takes an input of an xml file, and converts it to JSON. The second part, scriber, takes the output json from scribe and runs it against a template system to generate simple documentation.


> hxcpp guide

An effort to document the workings of the hxcpp c++ backend. Written as markdown in a repository, and heading toward a versioned, generated pdf style output.


> tides

Haxe Tools for IDE Support, tides is a
A collection of shared tools, utilities and structures,
that have become common across multiple Haxe IDE plugins (like atom and sublime). Tides is an effort to use Haxe itself to target the languages the IDE's use, so that all common language features provided by the Haxe compiler provide a consistent baseline for authors of a plugin.

more info can be found on the repo.