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These are featured projects that are in development or recently released. You can find all of them using Be sure to tag projects you are making so we can find them.

This list is not complete, and generally waits for the developers to post about their game in the community.


Puzzle game Equilibrium by Benn Powell using luxe. You can follow it's progress using the equilibrium tag.

The Westport Independent

The Westport Independent is a censorship simulator from Double Zero One Zero using luxe. You can follow it's progress using The Westport Independent tag.



[SQUARE] is a simple "endurance/reflex" game by Eiyeron using luxe. You can follow it's progress using the square tag.


The following posts are highlighted due to value they bring to the community.


dev logs
- #1 “assets”
- #2 “history”
- #3 “modularity”
- #4 “data flow”




A project and post about custom physics, updates and more.


by Darek Greenly, a neat origin story of sorts.

HTA dev log

A project by compostface and nico, which has been making good progress, and has a dev log over on tigsource too.

Isometric tile editor for tiles

by DJPale, a cool project and some interesting implementation details.

Mobius runner

by Adam Le Doux, a write up about a infinite runner in a mobius strip, with some cool implementation details as well.

Baby Touch Tones

Was the first iOS luxe app/game officially released on the app store. It's a childrens music toy, a nice read about the process here.

Let it snow!

A post by Michael Bickel about leveraging snow in his 3D engine, and the features he likes most.

Luxe urban experiment

A post from shockham about his experiments in 3D generative landscape in luxe.

new flashdevelop templates

Thomas (chman) has made a dedicated repo for the flow build projects for flow/snow/luxe. He also migrated them to use the proper build toolchains so new features and tighter integration are in!

Sprite gradient Component

Abel Toy created a simple gradient component for Sprite class to use, with Horizontal/Vertical directions.

starField tutorial

Jonathan Hirz wrote a few example components and a tutorial about using them to create a moving parallax rotating stars starfield.

vim flow support

Roger has been busy and has created some more editor integration, this time for the vim vaxe plugin. Justin Donaldson (vaxe maintainer) has accepted into the main repo as well, so you can use it directly already.



Since we are adding content still, enjoy a raptor riding a shark