snowfall - luxe & snow install/update convenience

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Since snow alpha-2.0 is now on master - and since it includes a couple of new dependencies - it changes how much effort is required to stay on top of the updates for users like you. This is also true for the setup process, from a simple 3 steps to 9 steps or more isn't really as helpful.

To aid this short term, I made a small tool called snowfall. It's really quickly coded but does the job, to serve a few conveniences:

  • Tells you about hxcpp updates
  • Tells you about snowfall updates
  • Informs/Updates/Installs flow, luxe, snow and it's dependencies
  • Can install shortcuts for flow and snowfall for you
  • Can tell you about news from

The code is here to look through if you want to be sure of what it's doing.


You can install it with haxelib install snowfall

And then run it with haxelib run snowfall.
From there you can optionally set up shortcuts, if you don't want to type haxelib run.

Without arguments:



This doesn't replace haxelib in any way or anything obviously, it just calls haxelib + git for you in one convenient command. It lets you update everything in one go and anything outside of that is still manual. There's other older stuff in the works for much later, but for now a simple helper seemed appropriate.

If you have issues, please file them on the repo: