LD 32 recap

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If you participated during the LD 32, you probably read this post : “Ludumdare 32”.

ludumdare 32

As always, I really appreciate people making things with luxe, and as with last LD, we're spoilt. A few of these devs found bugs, but all of them have been helpful - so thanks to everyone taking part! Don't forget these usually include source code, so you can dig into them if you like.

As with LD 31, post a link to the entry here, we will collate them together, and don't forget to submit it to the haxe.io list. If we missed any let us know!


Most devs posted on the #luxeengine hashtag, and you can see their progress as it went on there. Also the chat is open to everyone, and the main place for news regarding snowkit can be found here on http://snowkit.org/ and on twitter.

Food Fight

Joel continues a streak of making 3D games during jams with luxe, despite it being unofficial, to great results! twitter



redacted. twitter



Music, dancing and other antics. twitter


Symmetric Torpedo

A neat puzzle game concept. twitter



I like how there is bloom in the debug console. Includes rocks, feathers, time warps, particles and more.


Honourable mentions

While the above games were submitted to LD, some decided against it or ran out of time - but are still great to see. Here's some! If I missed any, please let me know.

Rafael posted this great looking idea on twitter: