Ludumdare 32!

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It's time for Ludumdare! Last time we had some great stuff come of it, here's the post about that.

Important changes in time for LD

I created a milestone and made a few fixes and improvements which were tracked over here.
I also updated the docs pages, and if there's time, I'll post a few other things on the twitter/chat later.

changes to luxe.collision

The most drastic changes just before LD would be to luxe.collision - but don't worry they are mostly semantic, and the rest add new features like ray casts and more. For example "Collision.test" was renamed "Collision.shapeWithShape" which is just better and clearer.

There is also a new test set which will expand a bit further, which can be found in tests/features/collision as before, or you can view the demo here if you're curious.

The changes were tagged as 1.2.0 on github, on the differ repo. View the full change notes on the differ repo.

Note that differ is where luxe.collision is developed as a standalone library - so that other frameworks and users can use differ without luxe.

if you are using luxe you don't need differ, it IS luxe.collision

luxe alpha-2.0

I mentioned in dev log #4 that I wanted to wrap up alpha-2.0 before LD but that was a bit silly actually. Once I started moving the changes across I realized that the amount of code touched by the asset fixes would be quite large, which could easily inadvertently introduce bugs right before the jam.

Instead, I opted to wait till after LD to push all those changes, and focus on other aspects.

Ludumdare <+> snowkit

For ludumdare, there are a few things that would be nice (but are not required):

  • Ludumdare has it's own community, and I'd encourage you to take part in it.
  • If you use twitter, don't forget #screenshotsaturday, use #luxeengine or #snowkitcommunity and of course the official #LDJAM
  • Don't feel obliged to post in both communities, but if you wanted to - you can post your dev logs here on, that's what the community is for. I'd love to share what you're doing during and especially after the jam, so please consider posting something here. I'll keep an eye on the list of entrants (mentioned below).
  • After the jam, be sure to tweet, post, or drop a link on the chat to your entry.
  • Do a postmortem! Devs love these, to see what you did and why, and how it turned out is great. Also - be sure to post feedback you have if you use luxe during the jam, so we can collate it all and include fixes and bugs going forward.

This last point is pretty important to me,

Feedback during or after

Jams are great at finding weak points in practice - I'm all about in-practice testing so bring it on! All feedback is good, so please feel free to post issues, bring up things you run into on the chat, your blog etc, and write honestly about your experiences. That's what the alpha is all about! This type of feedback really helps.

Roll call, snowkit members entering LD

-- Replaced with recap --


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