snõwkit templates for Sublime Text

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So, I made a snõwkit project templates for Sublime Text.


  1. You'll need Sublime Package Control
  2. A clone of STProjectMaker Templates


After installing Sublime Package Control, simply go to Package Control>Install Package, then look for STProjectMaker and install.

To use the templates, you can either change the default template path to point to wherever you cloned the STProjectMaker Templates repo in STProjectMaker's settings (under Preferences>Package Settings)...

...or copy the templates from the cloned STProjectMaker Templates' repository to STProjectMaker's Sample-Templates directory.

To use the templates, under Project, choose Create Project then select either flow, snow, or luxe project.

If there's any problem with the templates, please let me know.

Happy coding!

STProjectMaker in Github
STProjectMaker-Templates in Github

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