Haxe 3.2.0 released

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You can get the latest version of Haxe now officially released!
It's packed with lots of great changes.

Be sure to report bugs and issues if you find any, both on the snowkit libraries and on the haxe repos. You can find links to those places specifically below (see “Where to report issues”)

Are snowkit libs compatible?

All libraries are compatible with both 3.1.3 and 3.2.0.

flow ~ yes

snow ~ yes

luxe ~ yes

plugins ~ yes


All other libs should also be compatible.
Please let me know if not.

Notes on dropping 3.1.3 support

In the near future, 3.1.3 support will be dropped, a dev log specifically for this will be posted on snowkit.org when that happens. There will be ample warning, consider this also warning. The libraries are in alpha, and keeping legacy code around makes no sense long term, which is briefly discussed in dev log 2.

Notes on plugins

Sublime and FD plugins should continue functioning as expected, but take note that if you were running them before switching that the haxe completion server might still be running on version 3.1.3. The safest bet to be sure is to close editors, kill any haxe tasks that are open, and restart the editors (they usually manage the server themselves).

There are some new features in 3.2 for completion that will be added while updating the sublime and atom plugins soon.

pre-3.2.0 release info:

The information below was posted when the first public facing RC was released, and is kept here for reference.

Haxe 3.2.0 RC release window

The Haxe team have worked hard to bring us a better, newer version of Haxe. They have put up a release candidate for Haxe 3.2.0, and there's a lot of cool stuff to be had. We are happy to help test the release candidate with the team and catch any last minute issues for the final release.

Please consider testing your projects and reporting back to the team - it would be excellent if you do.

Be sure to backup your state so you can revert if needed.

How to help

It's part of our responsibility as the community to help ensure that releases are stable and working as expected, so please report any issues you find in the following manner:

Where to report issues

Issues with snowkit libs:
File or discuss issues on the chat, or on the specific repo issue list only. Don't file issues with snowkit libs on the Haxe repos. If you aren't sure, just file it on the snowkit side, and we can determine it if it is a haxe issue or not from there.

Issues with haxe compiler/std library:
You should file these on the haxe repository.

Issues with hxcpp:
You should file these on the hxcpp repository.

Latest release: 3.2.0-rc.2

You can get it here : http://haxe.org/download/version/3.2.0-rc.2

previously (use latest rather): rc.1


This page will be updated periodically when things change, and a more formal post on the release will be made once it's at 3.2.0 final release.

Also keep an eye out on my dev blog as I have a few posts about new 3.2 features that will be up soon.

  • No known changes needed at rc.2
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