[Polyger] Started with quick prototype

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Hello everyone! 1Dodger was my first playable prototype made with luxe. I forced myself to create mini prototypes each week. After almost 2 months and 3 prototypes behind schedule I realised that the first one could become a real game.


After a bit of work I've changed a lot in the code. I started using components, entities and events the right way. Possible bugs dumped and collisions are finally correct.

In the mean time I ported Pixel Sprite Generator to work with luxe engine. Now everytime you start the game you get different, procedurally generated space ship.


Polyger action with screen shake

plan ahead

The game is missing lots of features and isn't as fun as it could be.

  • powerups
    • different guns (double, triple, laser)
    • shockwave (push everyone up and stop spawning for a while)
    • nuke (kill everyone)
  • sounds
  • menu screen
  • background graphics

So this will become your avarage SHMUP, but for me It's huge pack of experience as newbie gamedev. Forcing yourself to make small prototypes every few days really helps, you can learn something with each new prototype.

Hope to put this game to Android, GameJolt, Newgrounds and maybe other game portals. Everything is possible with luxe :D