Using the android x86 emulator

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If you have a desire to test your app on the Android emulator, you might want to do it using the x86 Intel Atom powered emulator because of the performance gains.

I won't go into the details of setting up an AVD from the manager, there are plenty of good posts around for that. What I will elaborate on is using the emulator (specifically the x86 one) for testing from flow, for snow/luxe apps.

Please note this is a quick guide, and any deep diving on Android specifics are outside the scope of this post.

Step 1

Setup the emulator and have it running, make sure adb can find it with adb devices, and currently, make sure you only have one device/emulator around.

Step 2

Make sure you have flow and snow updated to this and this commit at least, respectively.

Step 3

Specify the --arch x86 flag when building your game.

flow run android --arch x86


Watch out for exceptional Android sillyness:

  • adb devices returns no devices even when emulator is running or device is plugged in?

    • adb kill-server
    • adb start-server
    • try adb devices again

    • apparently increasing the size of the emulator SD storage should fix this, it didn't for me. The only thing that worked for me is in the flow file should be set to 'auto'. By default it is set to 'preferExternal'.
    • Here is how it's set in the flow file, and when building it logs the android specifics so I can test that the setting is applied.

That's it

The app ~should~ deploy and launch on the emulator as expected.