sublime_flow hxml support

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When working in haxe, I often iterate quickly in a "pure haxe" project before migrating code to a larger project, by creating a simple hxml file to build against, and testing from the command line.

What is a hxml file?

When you run haxe directly, to compile a file, you pass it commands on the command line, such as haxe -main Main -neko output.n.

A hxml file is simple a line-per-argument. Instead of the above, you could make a simple file like this :

let's name this file compile.hxml:

-main Main
-neko output.n

and then instead of typing them manually, just run

haxe compile.hxml

in sublime_flow

When running with the sublime_flow plugin, it's possible that an active flow project would try and do code completion (incorrectly) or, if you restart sublime and clear the flow project, no haxe powered code completion would happen, but no longer!

This works the same as a regular flow project.

  • right click on or in the hxml file
  • "set as active flow project"
  • build, completion etc works as before


As always, you update the plugin through Package Control.

  • cmd/ctrl-shift-P
  • Package Control: Upgrade Package
  • see if it lists it (it may update on restart etc)