[Heavier than Air] - wip

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So for the past month-ish, me (@nico_m__) and @orbitantlers have been working on a little mockup of a game, its still very early but might as well put some progress gifs up here, if you haven't(or have) seen these, please let us know what you think. [disclaimer: very early work, title, art and gameplay are very non-final]

Imgur pre-collab, basic platformer movement and collisions

Imgur first bits of orbitantlers art being tested in game

Imgur early level-editor testing

Imgur now we're getting somewhere, our first public show-off

Imgur basic visual editing

Imgur prototype attacks

Imgur current progress, working on context-based attacks

This is an approximate summary of what we've accomplished so far, note that some things have been skipped, such as several new editor features, and some things you see in the most recent gif, specificly the on-ground slash attack are going to be taken out completely in the near future.

Hope that was moderately interesting, and hope you like the game so far, let us know your thoughts(:

/nico and /orbitantlers-in-spirit