TweenX or Delta?

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I used Actuate for my first project on luxe and it worked, but I didn't like the code I wrote.
Then I've heard Sven was planning to replace it with Delta, so I tried Delta. I wasn't satisfied with it too and I try to explain why.
It provides tweening of multiple props, but for one object. It can't tween same props for multiple objects.
And when you use Delta you still need to write that unhandy onComplete(function() { ... }) for chaining tweens.
However TweenX can do something like this:

    TweenX.serial([ square1 ).x( 360 ).ease( EaseX.expoOut ), square2 ).x( 360 ).ease( EaseX.expoOut ), square3 ).x( 360 ).ease( EaseX.expoOut ),
        .to( square4, {x:360} );

So, guys, what do you think?
Are there any advantages Delta has and I don't know about them?
Or maybe I don't see how to use it properly?
Or there are some disadvantages of using TweenX?