LD 31 Recap

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Super glad to see people using luxe already for jamming, and some really cool results.

If you participated (using luxe or snow!) post a link to the entry here, we will collate them together, and don't forget to submit it to the list over here if you want to get covered in the Haxe LD round up.

I am really grateful to everyone that jumped in and found bugs, and made stuff with it.

Train Of Thought

Cool to see the new text features from alpha-1.0 in use!

train of thought


Also good to see people exploring 3D in luxe, even though the support for it is not offical, it's still possible if you know what you're after. I really like the way the cards work in this game!



Scarecrow you play as a scarecrow, scaring crows!



A really nice looking game! Very cool lighting effects and animations.
The description mentions technical issues with luxe - thankfully we have nice people like these testing during alpha! I appreciate it - because it makes for a much stronger tool - please if you run into things while exploring luxe, I am always happy to hear about them!

Technical trouble aside, still some great output at the end of the jam and that's fantastic.


Comment, I'll add yours to the list.