[Q] Sprites performance (batcher)

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Hello community! I'm working on particle-based liquid simulation. I fell in love with Haxe and Luxe engine, so picked them up for this task. But then i faced some issue with rendering big number of sprites simultaniously. I mean, like, >=500 sprites are causing performace issues for me. I've investigated a bit on the repo and here and found complains about Luxe batcher realisation. So, my question is: is there a way to get rid of rendering performance issues while displaying huge count of sprites, like 500 and above? If i'll turn batcher off, will i see performance boost and how to do it? The issue can be seen while targeting Web and Android platforms.

My project is WIP, so it is kinda incomplete for now. It isn't well optimized yet for sure, but even with completely disabled liquid solver routines i'm getting poor performance. If you are curious about the code, feel free to check it at https://github.com/chronosyndrome/liquid-luxe.

BTW thank you for the awesome engine!