[SQUARE]: Yay, music and credits

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New splash screen

Hello everyone! I'm getting back at this little project to finish some features around. Now we have a nice music made by a friend, Xorus, I properly made a credit page with both our nicknames and site addresses and I added a little option to mute or play the music when playing. Oh and I forgot about earthquake bonus! :p

The project still misses some features I want to put into the game before officially releasing it, like :

  • Some bonuses like reversing the theme or changing obstacles direction
  • Changing the music volume when web targets will see their music volume working
  • Clicking on our addresses open the linked site (if that's possible on the web target)
  • Some grpahics effects to give some punch to the game.

The game is still playable here, have fun playing with the source code here. See you soon!