First snowkit build [Mac OSX 10.8, strip, resolved]

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Snowkit probably hit me on a not so convenient time as I'm still working on a game using haXe + openFL. Snowkit is most definitely interesting (thanks Sven and the snowkit community!), and it distracts me a bit to take the time exploring. So to ease the curiosity, I decided to "get my feet into the snow", so to say :D.

I decided to start with a simple snow project, using the first guide. Made a project.flow file, and the Main.hx file, and as I run haxelib run flow run, the build starts..

..with an error:

strip -u -r -x SnowApp sh: strip: command not found

I made sure XCode is installed and fired it up, but it seems it doesn't affect anything :D.

So I mentioned Sven up in Twitter and he advised to download XCode Command Line Tools via:

XCode menu > Open Developer Tool > More Developer Tools.. The location in XCode

This opened to Apple Developer page and provided a download link for XCode Command Line Tools, both for 10.9 and 10.8.

Something like this..

Got this downloaded and installed. Rebuild and successfully running a snow app!

Yay! not sure why it has a red background, need to explore more

Quite easy isn't it?

Well, I hope other newbies like me exploring snowkit hitting the same problem would find this useful :D.

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