iOS project fix

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There was a silly oversight in the way the app name was handed to the project template, causing a space in the project name to break the xcode project with a parser error. There are other minor fixes as well.

For future reference, if you hit these type of errors, run XCode from the terminal directly (the binary) and the logging will tell you more. It may even log things into

Issue Dates : prior to 3 oct, fixed in flow, snow special thanks to haxiomic.


commands below listed as flow should use haxelib run flow if you didn't install the shortcuts yet.

  • Update flow and snow from the repo
  • cd your/project/
  • flow build ios --xcode-project

That's all that's needed. This will regenerate the file to fix the broken one, but only if you used a space.

quick note on iOS project file

The xcode project is "yours". It is not a part of the build output intentionally, it is located in the root of your project. You can safely clean the build (flow build --clean or --clean-output) or delete the bin folder entirely without losing it.

You can modify it safely knowing that flow or the framework above that is not going to regenerate it unless you explicitly ask it to (using the --xcode-project flag). If you do that.

There is greater power in using the Xcode tools and features when building on iOS and this is the way flow/snow works. You can run and build everything from Xcode directly if you wanted to, and the sublime text plugin will alt tab to Xcode for you when building.