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What is snowkit?

snowkit is a community, a collective. We are a group of people that create initiatives like libraries and tools with a common set of goals toward a high quality ecosystem, for the Haxe language toolkit.

The work created by the collective typically (if applicable) will aim to present a decent level of the following, known as

The snowkit metric
  • code clean, light weight, portable code
  • docs high quality documentation with guides and API
  • community a single, searchable, archiveable home, here
  • versioning plain simple semantic versioning
  • releases release notes, changes and update guides
  • transparency clear goals, roadmap and direction
  • vision on point, focused and unbloated
  • open source permissive, open licensed, and free

This may be revised over time, and is a measuring tool for our own standards.



This website is a community driven blog. All initiatives, projects, updates and news related to the collective should be posted in this single location. Posts should be appropriately tagged and titled, so that finding the right information is easy for everyone.


All questions, feedback and discussion related to the collective takes place at the snowkit support repository. Feel free to open an issue to discuss things there as needed.

Share with the community

Please, consider joining the community and contributing. We love to see what people are creating in the collective, and want to promote great work made in Haxe. If you are looking for things to get involved in, try the initiatives page.


If you use twitter, you could post here, and then tweet the link and maybe a short description with the #snowkitcommunity hashtag. Each post below has a "share this post" button to do so.


On each page and the menu, there is an RSS button to subscribe for updates.


It's ideal to consider the community a place for peer review, feedback, updates and news. This includes user initiatives and projects, guides, tutorials and more. If you aren't sure about posting, feel free to ask at the snowkit support repo.

This site is not a general discussion forum, but a place to stay informed on the collective without low signal/noise ratio.


The community is an inclusive, positive place to gain value from. Anything or anyone detracting from the goals of the community will be removed. This is a curated, welcoming place for anyone from any circle in life and is enforced that way.

Any posts that are deemed unfit will be hidden, removed and if necessary reported. The community has an explicit goal and purpose and posts unfit will be nuked from orbit.

Be good for the community :)


All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain frequent backups of the site content and uploaded images. However no warranty and no guarantees are provided. Always keep copies and backups of your content if you think you will need it in future.


All content, including code, posted by any author belongs to that author. No transferral of rights to snowkit or the community unless stated otherwise will apply.

If someone posts code with an attached license, respect that license. If posting without an explicit license, consider using a permissive license such as Apache 2.0 or MIT/expat style licenses so that code shared in the community can be used by the community without anchors and chains. You can find more suggestions at http://choosealicense.com/

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